You can always contact me!​

You can always contact me if you need answers to some questions or simply have something on your mind. I always strive to deliver the best service, so that you can have the best possible experience when you enter into a partnership with me.

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Frequently asked questions​

Yes, it is possible to change package solutions if you need to have a different agreement than those shown. However, this requires you to contact me so that we can assess how I can help you exactly.

As a business owner, I understand the importance of building relationships with my customers. That’s why the purchase of package solutions does not take place directly on my website. Instead, I prefer to have direct contact with my customers first to understand their needs and ensure that I can provide the best possible solution. This allows me to build a relationship with my customers, address any concerns and see if I can help them achieve their goals.

Once a collaboration has been agreed and must start, payment takes place via invoicing. This approach ensures that my customers always feel valued and receive the best possible service.

Yes ofcourse i do! As a web designer, i know how important it is for my customers to feel safe, and have a website that is healthy and running perfectly all the time. Therefor i offer both hosting and service for you website/webshop. 

I offer 3 months free hosting, for customers that have bought a webshop/website from me.

I also have service packages, which include maintenance of your website/webshop. 

Any questions? Feel free to ask me!

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